Architectural Garden with Sculptural Elements

Garden Designer: Helen Wilson
Location: West Horsley, UK

Client Goals

  • Creation of a visually striking garden with strong architectural lines and bold sculptural features.
  • Incorporation of modern materials alongside timeless elements for a sophisticated effect.
  • Overcoming site-specific challenges presented by a newly built property.

Design Solutions

  • Structural Elements: Installation of hardscaping features (walls, paths, water features, etc.) using modern materials such as concrete, corten steel, or glass.
  • Sculptures: Careful selection and placement of sculptural pieces to act as focal points within the garden design.
  • Drainage Solutions: Implementation of drainage systems to address pre-existing issues such as French drains, swales, or re-grading.
  • Soil Improvement: Amending the existing poor-quality soil through the addition of compost, topsoil, or specialized soil mixes suitable for the chosen planting scheme.


  • A dynamic and visually impactful garden that showcases a blend of modern and classic design influences.
  • Resolution of drainage problems, paving the way for healthy plant growth.
  • Increased visual appeal and potential property value for the newly built home.

Client Testimonial

“Joe and his team transformed the back garden from a basic lawn only new build to low maintenance, child-friendly, unfussy but very interesting and characterful garden. Some of the features include Corten Steel edging, raised beds and water features, a Gabion cage with Horsham stone and Oak bench, Cotswold stone paving and large Horsham stone boulders.

The team had to deal with some challenging ground conditions, which quickly became apparent after removing the lawn and starting to dig out for the hard surfaces. They took this challenge in their stride, as they did with all aspects of the project, such as the limited access to the site and some very heavy items to move.


Joe’s team also did the planting, the fruits of which will soon become apparent, so I will update this review with new photos in due course.”

– Michael Lawson (5* Google Review)